Missing the Mexican

Did we underestimate the popularity of Gustavo Arellano's column?

Comment by Cesar from Houston

Cesar: Why would you even suggest that someone who can't afford regular health insurance sign up for something that costs $800 to $1,100 a month?

The people who need affordable health-care coverage the most don't even make that much money in a month, you overprivileged moron.

Comment by Sara from Pasadena

Get both sides: I read the article cover to cover and concluded that Malisow did an exemplary job in addressing the ambiguous "Limited Health Insurance Coverage" policies that plague the industry. I do think that interviewing satisfied Cinergy Health policyholders would have given the article an unbiased flavor. I think one should always proffer two sides to the story. I think we all are a little reluctant to read the fine print. I know I am. I don't even know what my automobile insurance policy says.

Comment by Robert

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