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Discussion continues around Ask A Mexican and the Bronx Bar.

The ironic and really funny part is, every time we've been there, there's been a fight. And every time there was a fight, the participants were all white. The club is really not worth mentioning at all. It's one of the worst in Houston, and that's pretty bad.

Tiger Styles

Baseless allegations: The Bronx Bar Group was very concerned to hear about the allegations made against our establishment. We take all allegations made against us with the utmost seriousness and attention. These allegations have been promptly and thoroughly investigated and lack merit and substance.

We would like to notify the public that these allegations made against us are baseless and unfounded. The Bronx Bar Group opens its doors to all customers and in fact is a minority-owned company.

The Bronx Bar has been serving its customers proud in the Rice Village for more than 11 years and has never had any previous complaints made against our establishment. We pride ourselves on having a diverse crowd of races, ethnicities and cultures and encourage anyone to visit.

The Bronx Bar Group

Me too: My friends and I have experienced the same treatment at Bronx. I've been all over the world and partied with everyone you can imagine, but can't get into a little hole in Rice Village. Personally I couldn't care less, because there's too much money to be made out there to be worried about those idiots.



Press staffer recognized for investigation of state's restitution system

Houston Press staff writer Chris Vogel has been named a winner of a 2009 Texas Gavel Award sponsored by the State Bar of Texas Public Affairs Committee.

Vogel was cited for his story "Crime Doesn't Pay(back)," in which he investigated the restitution system in Texas and found that in nearly all cases, victims did not receive their court-ordered payments and that there was no repercussion for the offenders who failed to pay.

The awards will be presented in Austin on August 21 at the Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas annual conference.

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