Readers loved the tale of José & Magdalena...

...the overrated restaurants list, not so much.

Your arrogance toward all of the "plebian, filthy masses" is stunning! We know food, we know good food and we know mediocre food when we taste it. Just because you disagree doesn't mean that many people haven't actually experienced something less than desirable at your restaurants. I would think you would want to know this.

Comment by Red on the Head

Where's Reef? Before even reading this comment, I was thinking the exact same thing. Although I don't agree with the Reef hate — I actually enjoy the food quite a bit — there was much Reef negativity in the initial comments. Thinking there may be some social media love going on by not top ten-ing basically any of the social media-friendly establishments.

Comment by Vernon Guy

With you: These are excellent ratings. I've been to most of them and would heartily agree.

Comment by Jeff Share


It was a perfect match

In "Love in the Time of Leprosy" [by John Nova Lomax, July 30,] we incorrectly wrote that José Ramirez had been voted most popular in his high school class, while Magdalena Santos had been voted second most popular in hers. In fact, both Ramirez and Santos were voted second most popular in their respective classes.

The Houston Press regrets the error.

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