South Park Psycho

The indomitable Ganksta NIP updates his résumé with new ­album Psych Swag.

He knows everyone's names and introduces them by showering praises on each, particularly Candyman, whom NIP utilized as a music producer on Swag. He insists on being photographed at each barber's respective station, then that they all be photographed together outside the front of the shop.

Even in the middle of the workday, nobody thinks this is strange. For two hours, NIP stands outside the shop, juggling his attention between interview questions, the shop's regulars and his constantly ringing cell phone.

Eventually, the inevitable question comes up: Why are you like this?

Ganksta NIP (right) and Candyman work the grind outside Studio 360 barbershop.
Shea Serrano
Ganksta NIP (right) and Candyman work the grind outside Studio 360 barbershop.

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"Man, it's like this," he begins. "I was born with 12 fingers. Do you know what that means? A lot of people take that to mean that there was another person in [the womb] with me. And I absorbed 'em into me. I'm special. I was just talking to my mother the other day, and she was telling me how when I was first born and they let her hold me, I kept shocking her. My body was creating so much electricity.

"This psych shit is natural. I was put here to do this. There wasn't anything that happened to me when I was little — maybe something ­happened to my mom that she didn't tell me."

Then he laughs that laugh.

Ganksta NIP is a scary person. That may be the only way to describe him.

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