King Bubba

The bacon cheeseburger at this Cypress roadhouse Rockwell Tavern blows all of Texas Monthly's favorite Houston burgers out of the water.

My lunch companion this time was a big, hungry guy. He kept muttering, "holy shit, holy shit" over and over as he wolfed down his half of the King Bubba. I ate my half leaning over the plate because the yolk was still running. It was even better than the Instant Vintage, if you are partial to a burger with a fried egg topping. (I am.)

The burgers at Rockwell Tavern come with fries or onion rings. The hand-cut french fries were terrific. The onion rings were either overcooked or over-battered — they were very crispy, but the onions seemed to have disappeared. A ketchup dispenser is provided for the fries and onion rings.

I'll be adding Rockwell Tavern to my next Top 10 Texas Burger list. Maybe Texas Monthly will add the place to its list too, if they ever venture into burger ranking again. Atmosphere is in the mind of the beholder, but any way you score it, Rockwell's burgers blow away Texas Monthly's Houston burger choices. Don't take my word for it. Go eat a Rockwell Tavern burger and see for yourself.

The "Instant Vintage" is exceptional.
Troy Fields
The "Instant Vintage" is exceptional.

Location Info


Rockwell Tavern

12640 Telge Road
Cypress, TX 77429

Category: Restaurant > Burgers

Region: Cypress


Hours: Tuesdays through Sundays 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Plain burger: $6.95

Instant Vintage burger: $7.49

King Bubba burger: $8.49

Eggs in Hell: $7.99

12640 Telge Rd., 281-256-9223.

If you get the King Bubba, use the fresh-cut fries to clean up the egg yolk that drips on the plate. It's way better than ketchup.

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