Creepy Craig: This insane bunch of garbage isn't worth a hit. The person that wrote this will never put on a show with the same musicians that played with Eric Clapton, will never bring an extra $150,000 a week to a play of any kind, will never be anything but a sniveling little creep writing tiny little unimportant crap read by pretty much nobody, except when he mentions a name that's in someone's Google alert. He is not worth the crap on the bottom of anyone's shoe, just the same as the idiots at IdleTard.com, who spend their lives obsessing over and writing about fans. Now that's a real life for you. Maybe this so-called writer should try actually seeing Hicks in Grease or go to his show at the Warehouse before he shoots off his mouth. Now, thanks for the publicity for his show. Bite me.


Taylor Hicks has expensive boots: Good to know the Houston Press is free. Maybe Taylor can pick up a stack when he is there and use them to wipe the Houston cow crap and oil sludge off his $1,000 boots. Or maybe he would prefer to throw them away and buy another pair of $1,000 boots. He's earning more than that per song now, so evidently someone thinks he's talented. Enjoy your 15 minutes of blog fame courtesy of Taylor Hicks.


Hell no: Poor and talentless Craig H(el)lavaty wants hits on his blog. Taylor Hicks is a wonderful musician and he is great in Grease. So, people hurry and go see Grease while you can.

Teen Angel

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