Adios Bookstop and "Poll" Dancing

But the first thing voters hear about him is that he's 72. Next!!!!!

Gene Locke's bio includes this sentence: "He played key roles in some of the most significant economic development projects in Houston." Hey, what's not to like?

Longshot Ray Morales is not only a vet, he's "a highly decorated military veteran."

And Annise Parker is described in exceedingly dull terms. If only there was something relatively unusual about her in terms of a politician...

In talking recently with poll designer Bob Stein about complaints that his son-in-law works for Locke's campaign, the Rice prof defended his survey, so he's obviously fine with the bios. And a little grumbling is to be expected in a political race.

Gee, maybe the race will even start showing some signs of life.

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