Who Was Roland Carnaby?

Readers weigh in on the ongoing mystery

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Darelle Robbins
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They've HAAD It

Online readers respond to "Conversations­ with Decent People," by Richard ­Connelly, Hair Balls blog, September 17:

New recruits: The letter mentions how "gays might start the recruiting process." I've gotten recruitment visits from Jehovah's Witnesses and been yelled at by Baptists. I've never been approached, by anyone, to join Team Gay. The "gay agenda" is preposterous. Honestly. Has "decency" become a synonym for "delusional"?

Jen Mathis

Just, wow: I am in shock, as much by the content of the response as by the grammar used to convey it. I cannot believe they actually said that grocery stores are in danger because "gays might start the recruiting process." I hear you get a free toaster for every person you recruit to be gay. And a cruise for every dozen!

Regardless of your beliefs on gay marriage, I think we can all agree this is out of control. And far from decent.



In his September 17 review of Bar-B-Que Blues at 5404 Almeda, Robb Walsh incorrectly stated that Luther's BBQ once occupied the space. In fact, Harlon's BBQ was the former occupant.

And in our September 24 Best of Houston® edition, the blurb for Best Art Show, "Understanding Poverty" at DiverseWorks, should have named Ann Walton Sieber along with Ben Tecumseh DeSoto; the two collaborated on the show.

The Houston Press regrets the errors.

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An interesting read-particularly given the naysayers and misinformation artists in your comments section. Clearly, this man was connected with the CIA, and, at least formerly, had been in their employ. As far as thinking he was above the law goes? You must be joking there. A speeding citation does not equal your supposition. And since when is someone asked to step out of their vehicle over a speeding ticket? When they have CIA credentials, I guess?

Why did a supervising officer order the policemen on the scene to "arrest him for something"? Is one to suppose that only someone with CIA credentials is arrested, for speeding? You have no idea what this man's work entail, and being connected with customs, it could be absolutely anything. And you have no idea if he had sensitive materials in his possession, which he needed to p Yet, here you are, blathering on in these random, ill-informed comments.

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