You Can't Be Serious

Our readers debate this year's Best of Houston® winners.

Chauncy Lamche

Best Cajun Restaurant: BB's Cajun Cafe

Yum: It's an excellent little joint, and their menu item "Montrose Madness" might be the best icky-double-entendre food item in town. (It's a sausage with chili on it.)

Shut Up and Eat!

BB's bender: As someone who recently moved to Korea, I made sure to have my last lunch in Houston at BB's. The Morning Magic with the eggs scrambled is heaven between bread. It's so good, I ordered it twice in one day. It also is a much, much, much, much better late-night option than Katz's.

Stephen Kim

Best Italian Restaurant: Da Marco

It's just fair: Marco is turning out stuff that Tony or Damian might have sent someone abroad to find out about. We're lucky to have a restaurant like this after so much cheesiness and same-stuff boredom.

Da Marco is more pan-Italian than Northern Italian. Yes, he's from Friuli in the north, but his food draws from all regions of Italy, which is one reason it's a lot more fun than the rest.


Best Japanese Restaurant: Genji ­Japanese Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

A joke: This you're obviously kidding about. It's a karaoke bar, for chrissakes! The food cannot be compared to a decent place like Sushi King or Kaneyama down the street. This is the most inane choice I've ever seen. What's wrong? I love Genji, but more to pick up chicks and drink. Please say you're not serious.


Best Greek Restaurant: Yia Yia Mary's Greek Kitchen

Grow the fuck up! Emphatically, you have a bug up your ass that you'd not name Niko Niko's for anything. What's with the diss of Niko's? Too popular for you? You haven't done it first? Can't talk with them? This grudge is truly juvenile.


Best Spanish Restaurant: Oporto

Leave the Loop: Thanks much, but I'll drive to Rioja on Westheimer. They don't look at you with a shrug, deer-in-the-headlights look when you order real Spanish food. And the wine is actually good and (gasp) cheap. Oporto is mediocre for your money, unless you can't leave the Loop to experience real Spanish food and wine.


Best Burger: 105 Grocery & Deli

Seriously? This place is over an hour from Houston. This is called the "Best of Houston," not "Best of Southeast Texas." I have to believe there is a better place to have a burger somewhere in the city of Houston.


Stupid inner-Loop yuppie wannabe hacks: It's a good thing you don't charge money for this bullshit. I don't know why I waste any time reading this ridiculous excuse of a cat litter liner. Washington is not part of Houston, you idiots! Your editor and all of the writers are a bunch of stupid ­inner-Loop yuppie wannabe hacks.



Our Best of Houston® blurb for Best Place to Meet Single Women should have been awarded to the Singles Ministry at the Windsor Valley United Methodist Church at the Kingdom Builders Center. Alas, we left out the name of the church.

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