Twice-Told Tales

How Houston's Justice Records came to release a spooky, sexy Love & Rockets tribute album.

That leaves one little question: How did a tribute album to a UK band, mostly featuring artists from New York and California, wind up coming out on a Texas label?

The way a lot of other music-business deals do, actually. Minister met Justice president Jan Mirkin when he worked at Koch Records, which released Mirkin's then-client Ian Moore's And All the Colors... album in 2000. (Moore shows up on Tales, too, playing guitar on Mossy Coils' languid "Sweet F.A.") They became friends, stayed in touch, and this past SXSW, Minister mentioned to Mirkin he was looking for a label for his Love and Rockets project. She suggested he pitch Justice owner Randall Jamail on the idea; about four months later, New Tales to Tell was in record stores.

And not only that, Minister is already putting together a Bauhaus tribute album, which he hopes to release on Justice around next Halloween. He's considering a Tones on Tail tribute as well. That means a label that once released albums by honky-tonk royalty like Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Waylon Jennings is rapidly becoming the country's No. 1 source of tributes to influential Goth artists.

Now that's a new tale to tell.

See more information on New Tales to Tell and order the album at

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