Civil Discourse?

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Hamm: Well, I agree, and with the older generation — and please, I have nothing but respect. But to be honest with you, all of us have gotten so compartmentalized in our thoughts that again, we throw out intelligent discourse and civility and all of these catchphrases...but I think we've as a country gotten very, very soft with each other.

HB: I agree with you about [promoting dialogue], but it seems like with a swastika and that kind of imagery, trying to shock people into intelligent discourse — I guess an analogy would be if you had a problem with your neighbor, going up to him and saying, "Hey buddy, I fucked your wife. Now let's discuss those hedges that need trimming."

Hamm: (Laughs) Wow.

HB: Well, you can't shock people into intelligent discourse, can you?

Hamm: Maybe not shock them into intelligent discourse, however — this is the one thing I've had happen to me over and over again — is that people walk up and I'll get a real quizzical look. Then all of a sudden, it'll be "I like it" or "I hate it." There's no gray area.

HB: But shouldn't the gray area be the goal — finding common ground? So we can actually work through issues? You basically just said, "This is divisive" —

Hamm: Oh, it is.

Well, there you have it. Keep shocking 'em, guys.

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