Our Next Mayor, The Cougars Victory and Sex for Tickets

Our readers weigh in.

At that point, SMU would have been on third down, not first down. What he meant to say was that it was UH ball, first and 10 at the one. He promptly got back on the microphone and corrected his statement.

That was a misstatement based on review of the play. The call was right, and it was UH ball. The misstatement was a mistake that was promptly corrected.

It wasn't a questionable call decided in favor of UH, it was an official who misspoke and corrected himself.


The Ticket Trade

Online readers respond to "Game Time: Sex For World Series Tickets," Hair Balls, by Sean Pendergast, October 28:

Nacho libre: I don't know what the going rate for Astros tickets will be, but somehow nachos will be a part of it.


Awesome stuff: You are ­letting it ripon these blogs.

Dave in Florida

Hilarious: Please let us know immediately if she accepts your friend request. I can only imagine the insanity that could ensue. Loving the blog posts.



"Día de los Rock Stars" [by Olivia Alvarez, Night + Day, October 29] incorrectly listed the opening date of "Never Die" Day of the Dead Rock Stars, an art exhibit by Carlos Hernandez held at Cactus Music & The Record Ranch, as November 1. The exhibit opened on October 30.

The Houston Press regrets the error.

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