Sub-Prime Beef

Readers give props for calling Obama to task.

Many of them wind up right back out on the sidewalk, sometimes at the same clinic where they obtained abortions, protesting against the very people who provided the legal medical procedure they obtained.

I hope Abby Johnson finds some peace. But I also hope that women who need the health services Planned Parenthood provides continue to find safe, legal and nonjudgmental access to those services. That's much more important.


Horrifying: If more women like myself had the opportunity to see an ultrasound of what transpires inside the womb during an abortion, more women would be absolutely horrified. I know some people who provide the opportunity to view a 3-D ultrasound of their baby and when women do, they almost never go forward with the abortion.

The owner of the company told me that they have recently acquired a couple of 3-D ultrasound videos from two different abortions and will start sharing those with women who are considering this horrific and barbaric practice.


That thing: Come on Alecia, what is so horrific about "health services"? Every woman should have the right to go on a bender, wake up with some indeterminate sperm inside of them and go down to their local "health provider" to get the "thing" removed. It's in the Constitution.


Infiltrator: Unfortunately, there are plenty of people who volunteer for Planned Parenthood or get involved in the choice movement and do it with the wrong reasons. They want to sabotage or get inside information for the "right to life" groups. Sounds like this lady is one of them.


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