Talking Turkeys

Are Houston concert fans really all that bad?


Personal low point: Billy Joe Shaver at the Armadillo Palace trying to sing an a cappella "Star in My Heart" to a yelling crowd that wouldn't shut up. Embarrassing...

Bob Dobbs Jr.

Know your audience: Music at Armadillo is primarily background noise to the foreground noise of the douchebaggy clientele. Shaver should know better than to sing a cappella at Armadillo. I'm probably going counter to the stream here, but if you want a cappella and quiet, go to Nia Moves or whatever it's called — no drinks, no talking. Just like church. I was at Jenny Lewis. Her stopping was bush-league supreme. And that guitar wank-off? Someone get a rope.


Take responsibility: You know this is getting pretty annoying. And I don't mean people at shows; I mean getting called a fricking turkey by the Houston Press. It's the same story every year: Houston fans suck. Get over it. I have had the best year in music that I have had in a while, and I never let inconsiderate fans hamper my time. If someone is being rude, tell them to shut up. I'm kind of a scary-looking bald guy, but on more than one occasion I have seen tiny women quiet a crowd of drunk morons who couldn't appreciate what was going on. At the risk of sounding like a Republican, take some responsibility. They aren't being rude to the musician, they are being rude to you and your cost of admission. Or just cry into your panties for the rest of the show.

The Venture Brother


Last week's feature sidebar ["Connecting the Dots," by Craig Malisow, December 3] mistakenly referred to a lawsuit filed by Citibank in North Carolina. The lawsuit was filed by Capital One in South Carolina.

The Houston Press regrets the error.

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