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Houston Press readers weigh in


Get to work: What about a way to donate ­toward the children's education (529 plans, etc.) instead of their mother's bank account? I truly feel for the children. The mother comes off as less than sympathetic when she says she doesn't mind the Harris County Jail and doesn't make calls on her kids' behalf to track down assistance for uniforms or to check on her food stamps. The mother needs to get a job, take some classes to get more marketable skills and quit making excuses for her situation. Only she has the power to make sure her kids don't end up like she has. I work with many single mothers who don't have a car and have barely enough money to make ends meet, but pull themselves up every day to come to work to make a better life for their children.


Have compassion: Let me get this straight. No education, poor decisions and stupidity (which is non-education) constitutes one not having human compassion towards a 32-year-old woman with a few kids sharing a single bedroom, at Christmastime? No one knows her full story and guess what? I don't need to know it to be softhearted towards all human beings in this world. We should do good deeds for others out of the goodness of our hearts. Her poor decisions are no worse than anyone else's bad decisions. The only difference is you are able to highlight them because she has no one close to help her out, who could say, "Honey, it was a bad choice, now let's help you get back on your feet and make it in this world so that you can learn from this."

Environment is everything. I know, I know: "Everyone has an opportunity in this world." Blah, blah, blah. The point is, no they don't. I guarantee you most would not make it through school, waking up each day in an attempt to get an education, when it's almost as dangerous as the streets, or when you're 15 and your parents don't care if you go or not. But I guess young, impressionable teenagers with no direction are supposed to set their own paths, right? Fat chance and illogical.

Regardless, these poor kids deserve to wake up on Christmas morning with glistening eyes, awaiting a surprise under a Christmas tree. I will make sure they do.


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