It's A Plus: Café Pita +

At Bosnian restaurant Café Pita + (10890 Westheimer, 713-953-7237), when you order the cevap — pronounced "che-vap," it's Slavic for kebab — sandwich ($6.99), you get finely minced, hand-formed beef sausages prepared on a charcoal grill, which imparts a wonderful smoky flavor. Approximately five of them fit on the lepinja, a round, flat bread that has a consistency somewhere between pita bread and an English muffin. You also get a small bowl of kajmak, a white spread made of feta, cream, sour cream and butter, which you spread on the bread, along with some finely chopped onions. Ask for some ajvar, too; the mild, smooth red pepper-and-garlic sauce is absolutely spectacular as a dip for the sandwich.

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