Animal House at HHS and is HPD Guilty of Elder Abuse?

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Thomas claims that she still suffers pain from the injuries and is seeking damages.

"Normally I don't like hauling off on law enforcement unless it's something egregious," says Gibson. "This wasn't some kid mouthing off and doing something, but was an elderly lady who posed no threat whatsoever. It's just inexcusable."

City attorney Annie Teehan says that because the case was recently filed, she has no comment at this juncture.


Do's & Don't's for the (Alleged) High-Priced Hooker Mugshot

By Richard Connelly

Houston cops recently arrested a group of what the media described as “high-priced call girls” at a private event at a Midtown club. Where there are arrests of alleged High-Priced Call Girls, there are mugshots of alleged High-Priced Call Girls. Assuming you’re an alleged high-priced call girl posing for a mugshot, what are some tips you can use? We offered a few, including this one: Don’t look like you’re ­having the time of your life.

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