Commitment Problems

Readers disagree that involuntary commitment is a bad thing.

The riffs from Mountain King are gone because, well, it's a different band. Savatage wasn't playing the other night — it was this other band that was formed from Savatage that has a different sound and isn't meant to be the same thing. Remember the Cosby Show spinoff A Different World? Yeah, that wasn't supposed to be the same as The Cosby Show, you know.


Sinh Sin?

Online readers comment on "Late Night Scene: Sinh Sinh," by Jason Kerr, Eating...Our Words blog, December 25:

Hope for hyperbole: Reading between the lines of your piece, you were alone at Sinh Sinh. And you write that you'd had "a long day of hitting bars" and "I was so drunk." I'm hoping your rhetoric is hyperbolic and not literal. I hope you weren't really driving the streets of Houston drunk. That would be wholly inexcusable.

And I wonder how the waiter enjoyed your description of him?

These passages, coupled with the "only white person in the place" nonsense, make me think you're trying to be hip and smart rather than informative and interesting.

Where's an editor when you need one?

The Prude

Tough guy: Yeah, such a bad-boy persona, part chef, part writer, always tough and mostly schnockered (no doubt smoking Pall Malls, outside, the collar of his wool shipman's coat upturned to ward off the chill). Each time he graces us with a dispatch, both Bourdain and Amis cheer Jason Kerr.

James Dean

Wow: This is atrocious.


Whine-o: "Prude," would you like some cheese with your "whine"? You're asking for an editor, but all I see is mindless quibble.


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