Brain Tacos or Cheesy Migas?

Two high-volume taquerias have a lot to say about Houston tacos.

There were four kinds of salsas — a red, a green, a mango salsa and a pico de gallo. None of the salsas was particularly picante. There were also fresh and pickled jalapeños and chopped onions with cilantro available at the condiment island. The coffee was so-so, but the orange juice was freshly squeezed.

I made the mistake of asking for cheese with an order of migas. The blanket of cheese on top of the scrambled eggs smothered the flavor of everything else. Likewise, an inventive plate of "breakfast enchiladas" — two Chacho's flour tortillas wrapped around some migas and topped with a light coating of enchilada sauce and heavy coating of cheese — would have been better with less queso.

"You might like the migas without the cheese now," my wife observed. "But it's exactly the sort of cheesy breakfast you want to eat when you're drunk — or stoned."

Chacho's "Trump Taco" is a meal in itself.
Troy Fields
Chacho's "Trump Taco" is a meal in itself.

Location Info



6006 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77057

Category: Restaurant > Tex-Mex

Region: Galleria


Chacho's Tacos

Open 24 hours.

Trump taco: $4

Chorizo and egg taco: $1.69

Machacado and egg taco: $2.79

Migas: $5

Half spinach quesadilla: $3.79

De Buey y Vaca

9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ­Saturdays and Sundays.

Chacho's Tacos

6006 Westheimer, 713-975-9699.

De Buey y Vaca

8720 Airline Dr.,

"Or both," I had to agree.

My wife likes the mainstream version of authentic Mexican food, but would never order a tripe taco, a brain taco or a bowl of cow-head soup. She won't eat at Taco Bell either. But she loved the Tex-Mex at Chacho's. And though I never would have guessed it driving by the place, so did I.

So which would I recommend, Chacho's Tacos or De Buey y Vaca? The answer, of course, is both. These are two of the largest-volume taco stands in the city of Houston, and each has its own appeal. For a trip to Mexico without leaving Houston, De Buey y Vaca is an amazing place. But if you like your San Antonio-style Tex-Mex with handmade tortillas and two drive-through lanes in a Galleria location, you gotta love the 24-hour mayhem that is Chacho's Tacos on Westheimer.

On our way out the door, I asked one of the bleary-eyed kids if he had been up all night at a wild party. I thought he was going to spill the beans about a drug-induced orgy.

"I've been up for two nights," he said, giggling.

"Yeah? What kind of party was it,"I said, egging him on.

"It was a youth group lock-in at the Unitarian Church," he replied. My eyes widened in horror.

What's the matter with these kids today?

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