Night Worship

A band apart, Houston's Balaclavas explores some dark places indeed on new LP Roman Holiday.

The Roman Holiday sessions came in fits and spurts throughout 2009. At first it was only supposed to be an EP, but soon got picked up by Dull Knife and became a full album.

Holiday could be the score to a David Lynch film, not too far removed from the composer Angelo Badalamenti's work on the Lost Highway or Blue Velvet soundtracks. It's chock-full of eerie loops and samples, with Patranella drumming like a robot on Adderall. "Night Worship" is the stunner here, full of that sax and Morris singing in an echo chamber.

Tipton has nothing but high regard for Holiday, and speaks about it in the same breath as some of Houston's most bedrock works.

Balaclavas had a rather unique Italian Holiday.
Balaclavas had a rather unique Italian Holiday.

"Roman Holiday is up there with Rusted Shut's Rehab, the past two Indian Jewelry albums and Insect Warfare's World Extermination. This thing sounds like a beast," he says.

"Musically, the album has the band's best and most consistent batch of songs to date and really is the first Balaclavas recording to capture the more electronic side of the band's sound," Tipton adds. "It really excites me to know that the band has already made an album of this quality without hitting their peak. The best is still to come."

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