Teen Porn Troubles

Plus: Readers reaction to Wild on Washington.

Teen Porn Troubles

A couple of issues: Thank you very much for the article on teen porn addiction ["Teen Porn 101," by Paul Knight, February 18, 2010]. Those of us in service to recovering teens were grateful to cooperate with the Houston Press and with Paul Knight, whose treatment of the issue was as sensitive as it was thorough. However, I would like to correct two factual errors.

First, I was quoted as saying that Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) has developed a separate message for teens — which is definitely not the case. The only recovery message that SAA has to offer is that of the Twelve Steps. The Steps are the same for all recovering sex addicts regardless of age. The distinguishing feature of SAA teen meetings is the substantial safety boundaries for teens and the adults who sponsor them. Recovery information for teens in Houston can be found by writing the SAA Teen Meeting Intergroup at saatm.intergroup@yahoo.com.

Second, a Houston mother of a sex addict was reported to be a member of SAA. This is not correct. I would like to clarify that SAA does not provide support to the parents of sex addicts. SAA refers all friends and family of sex addicts to a separate Twelve Step Program called COSA. Parents of teen sex addicts can find that information directly by calling the Houston COSA Intergroup at 713-685-7503.

Again, many thanks to Paul and to the Houston Press for the article, and I look forward to cooperating with you in the future to serve the sex addict who still suffers.

Carol Ann R.
Chair of the SAA Teen Meeting

The Washington Strip

Online readers comment on "Wild on Washington," by Craig Hlavaty, Shea Serrano and Mike Giglio, February 9:

Very nice article, but kind of a downer: Washington Avenue used to be chill and laid-back, but now I avoid it like the plague. Even if I do end up in the area, usually because some friend wants to go to Dubliner, which is a chill place, or if I want to catch a show at Walter's, I always get freaked out that my car is going to get towed, even though I make sure to park in legal areas. If every tow-truck driver and impound lot in the city spontaneously combusted, I would be a very happy man.


Awful: I misunderstood an e-mail last Friday and accidentally went to the benjy's on Washington instead of the Village to meet up with friends from out of town. It was awful. Parking was impossible, we nearly got run down by a valet guy in a Hummer, and benjy's bar was so crowded that even if our friends had been there, it would have been impossible to hold a conversation. We got the hell out of there as soon as we figured out the mistake. The Village location, though, was downright pleasant, and we spent an hour or so there before moving to the Kelvin Arms below and, later, the Big Top over on Main.

It's a shame, I suppose, but also very Houston. I remember those massive clubs on Richmond, and then the bars on Shepherd Square, then downtown, then Midtown. Sooner or later everyone will move off to wherever the next hip part of town is, and only the strongest of the Washington establishments will survive.


Washington Avenue is not for me: I prefer Montrose, Rice Village and most points in between. That said, I can appreciate Washington staking its claim as the hot nightlife spot for a certain demographic (suburbanites). My friends would probably impale me for saying this, but I hope Washington Avenue's scene continues to grow and fill in the three-mile stretch into a continuous bar and restaurant haven.

I am content with my regular stops. But those making 50-mile roundtrip commutes from the suburbs, risking DWIs, unplanned pregnancies, towed cars and voting Republican, need their spot too...away from me.

Montrose Yep

Amateur night: I do like a good upscale bar or club, but like many others, I don't like a bunch of amateurs, and the music that I have heard while smoking outside of a show at Walter's was beyond terrible.

These places aren't good for Houston. I hope the owners make money while they can. I'll keep grinning and bearing it, while going to Walter's.


Different crowd: I don't hang out on Washington Avenue, but your constant references to "suburbanites" and "Outer Loopers" with Aggie class rings and tons of credit card debt (why, Craig?) are a mischaracterization of the people who visit these bars.

All of my twentysomething Inner Loop colleagues spend most of their time in Washington Avenue bars, and they and all their friends are mostly Northeasterners who went to good schools and now have semi-interesting, high-paying professional jobs.


Another side: The clubs on Washington aren't really my thing. But if you were shooting for three different opinions, it would have been nice if one of them differed from the other two. Obviously, a lot of people enjoy these places, so it would have been nice to have heard from that side of the equation. Good work from each individual writer, though. I enjoyed the read nonetheless.

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