A Dog's Death

Readers respond tp Keiko's dilemma at BARC.

Bush Impoverished

Poison: Republicans in Congress stuck together in refusing to compromise with the Democrats. Now they stand together in protecting a member guilty of issuing a gross insult to a colleague. As a Democrat, I could rejoice in the dimwitted partisanship of the "loyal" opposition, since it must eventually lead to their political downfall. But the poison it spreads in our public discourse sickens me as much as it does them.

Howard Owen


Houston Press writer cited for his criminal justice investigation

Houston Press staff writer Chris Vogel has been named a winner of the 2009 PASS Awards, sponsored by the National Council on Crime and Delinquency.

Vogel won the national award in the newspaper division for his story "For Their Own Good" [May 28, 2009], in which he determined that in the Harris County jail, juveniles who are certified as adults are held in isolation 23 hours of every day — and this is before they go to trial. As Vogel discovered, not even the judges involved in these juvenile cases knew this was happening.

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