The Dude Abides

Houston hip-hop's No. 1 pot advocate checks into Suite 420, but there's more than weed smoking going on.

That's followed by another R&B-ish track that opens with, "I ain't gonna chase you, baby. If you choose me, you choose me."

Nearly the whole back half of the album seems to be wrapped around the thesis statement of "I'm at an Important Apex in My Life Where the Next Couple of Decisions I Make Are Going to Have a Profound Impact on the Rest of My Existence." It causes a dissonance that gives Suite 420 a definite amount of gravitas.

Mind, there certainly are tracks where he's only talking about weed; the wayward and mechanical "Ultimate High" springs to mind. And there's a few tracks where he's just dicking around, like an interlude where he plays an old-man character who believes to "Google someone" is to stick your thumb in their booty hole.

Choose Devin the Dude and choose life.
Brandon Holley/SLFEMP
Choose Devin the Dude and choose life.

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With the Coughee Brothaz, 8 p.m. Tuesday, April 20 (of course), at Warehouse Live (Studio), 813 St. Emanuel, 713-225-5483 or

But mostly, Devin is talking about life through talking about weed. Or talking about life through talking about boners, if that makes any sense.

Devin presents two separate images of himself in his songs. At one moment, he's a baked-out-of-his-brain party hound, simply floating through the universe. At another, he's acutely aware of absolutely everything that's going on around him. It's like he's a smart guy, but might not want people to know it.

"I guess you could say that's fair," he says.

"Weed, wine and women, that's what ­everyone talks about. I get that," Devin adds. "People don't notice that I'm talking about other stuff, too."

They don't. Devin wanders around the listening party as Suite 420 plays in the background. He doesn't dominate the room like Bun B does at his listening parties, or crave the attention like Robin Thicke does at his. He simply exists. And it'll probably always be that way.

Everybody thought Van Gogh was crazy until he was dead.

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