Chron's Feelings Are Hurt

HBO drama didn't celebrate Houston as best-est place.

"Cheating is cheating," said lead prosecutor Alex Imgrund, "and neither the fishing community, nor this office, will tolerate it."

The fishing community — a shining beacon of justice. Think of that the next time you try to game the Bud Light Trail Boss Big Bass Tournament on Lake Ray Hubbard.

(Note: One of the commenters on this item noted that Rose should have known better. "It's hard to believe that he was any type of experienced, competitive fisherman," said Matthew Brown. "All such guys know that the contest officials are intense when it comes to investigating cheating. The competitors are polygraphed, fish are opened and inspected, hell the fish can even be sent through metal detectors in bigger tournaments!

"Fishermen hate ­cheaters. They also hate idiots."


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We examined who the Jets should draft to make the liveliest Hard Knocks series ever now that they have Santonio Holmes (Tip: draft Tim Tebow. "From Tebow trying to talk Holmes into joining a Bible-study group to Tebow going clubbing with [Jets' QB Mark] Sanchez and ordering a glass of milk (which shows up in a martini glass, of course), this needs to happen.")

We learned the Rockets' Shane Battier should never, ever sing in public, and we have the video proof. Oh, and Texas City Little League games should be rated R, with all the arrests for brawling and cursing coaches.

Stage, Movies

We talked with the key people in current productions of Tartuffe and Harvey (Alley actor James Black's invisible friend? Gabby. Who wasn't a six-foot rabbit.) For the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13's famous "problem," we examined the dorkiest "gotchas" from nerds criticizing the Ron Howard movie: "If a movie can't get the beer cans right, how can we trust it when it comes to the Lunar Module's Descent Propulsion System?"

And our Rocks Off blog's "This Just In" ­category kept everyone up to date on the odd lockout of the owners of the Meridian/Wired Live club.

Courts, Crime & Political Animals

On the crime front, we looked at a touching prison romance, if you like sadistic members of the Aryan Brotherhood; the inept attempt to rob a Heights-area coffee shop and the kiddie-porn producer who liked to spend time at a "family-friendly" nudist camp.

We also noted state Senator Dan Patrick's bold move to kinda break from the GOP establishment, and the utter roasting he got on a national blog — for his looks, of all things.

TV Land

Glee is back! Rejoice! To a degree: "Admittedly, I'm no Doors fan, but somehow they managed to make 'Hello, I Love You' even worse than it already is. And 'Highway to Hell' needs to be sung by someone whose testicles have descended," our critic said. (He did like other parts of it, we swear.)

American Idol got closer to nut-cutting time as the top talent continued to shine while the ­bottom-feeders got tossed. And we had our own take on Treme, one that didn't include any whining about how Houston allegedly got dissed.

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