High Flying

Readers respond to our feature on the championship Yates basketball team.

 Flying High

Hard Work: I once worked for Principal Ronald Mumphrey and found a man who truly cares about all his students. While he, Coach Wise and the coaching staff were turning out superior basketball stars ["Third Ward High," by Paul Knight, April 8, 2010], they did not neglect the personal and academic sides of those same players. These young men worked hard, they played hard and they are champions. But so are their coaches and principal, who kept them focused on achieving their dreams. Yates is the proof of the saying that success is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration; it has little or nothing to do with race, status, or socioeconomics.

Jim Taylor

Point Guard: Your cover article of Jack Yates High School had the chance to make clear the point that this should have never been allowed to happen. Just think of it, suppose a school like Memorial High was winning championships yearly with an all-white team at an all-white school. It would never be allowed and hell would be raised. Blacks, latinos and other nonwhites would be bused in, forcefully, to satisfy the small-minded folks who don't think kids should go to a school close to their home. Oh well, I should know better because after all, I do pass more than one grocery store to get to the one I want.

Robert Yost

And from our online readers:

Who's Classless: It was only inevitable that people like Rick Reilly would inject their "moral superiority" through some sort of classless article. He had been on this tangent for quite a while; after the Tiger Woods "scandal" became nothing more than news, he needed something else to move on to. For someone that has a) probably never met Wise or b) probably never met the Yates players, his article was utterly personal. I've yet to figure out why. What they did over the past two years is legit.

I remember the first time I stepped foot in a collegiate atmosphere to play ball. A local phenom at the time named Rodney Williams welcomed me by going chest to chest and dunking the hell out of someone. Point being that you either man up or go home. Other teams chose to go home before the game started, and they were embarrassed because of it. Yates. It was fun watching you; I am not so sure I will look at the State tourney the same ever again. Much love.


Standing Tall: I am so pleased with this article. I was hoping that someone would step up and stand up for our city when it is under attack by ignorant outsiders. Thank you and well done. Go Yates.


Grace: Yates's basketball team exhibited grace despite all that they faced for being winners. Give these young men a break. Be glad they are playing an organized sport and not committing crime.

Miss Tee

In the Weeds

Some online readers wondered what was achieved when a police officer found a baggie of marijuana in a car in our April 13 story "Yes, Pull Your Weed-Filled Car Over in Front of a Cop to Look for Your Lighter" by Richard Connelly:

Call 911: Truly, she was a threat to society.


Elsewhere: All this while someone was getting robbed, beaten, murdered...etc. It takes more time, effort, pay and paperwork to send her to jail than it does for her to get out of jail and pay the fine. Stupid laws.


Drug Lords: Even a casual user is supporting the drug lords..., hence beatings, murders, etc. Your logic is flawed, PoPosAreNoNos. So you say ignore casual offenses? I wonder if you would feel that way if someone took your wallet or vandalized your car?


Cause and Effect: At least she pulled over, she wasn't endangering anybody. What was his probable cause of going to her car, if she didn't signal for help? I don't see where she broke any laws — or is ­pulling over in front of the police a criminal offense? Someone please fill me in.


What Were We Thinking?

Our online readers had a lot to say about the picks in our April 15 story on the "Top 10 Restaurants in Clear Lake" by Katharine Shilcutt:

An oversight: Conspicuously missing: Cullen's. We've often thought of stopping at Sudie's, but hark, is that plastic and styro in service there? It doesn't look that basic from the outside. That worries me. But it's nice to know that churchgoing folk tend to cluster up in "areas" such as this.


Forget the chains: I think Bombay Tadka should have been listed instead of one of the many chain restaurants on this list.


Better deals: I ate lunch at Gilhooley's last weekend: a dozen raw oysters, a dozen shrimp-topped grilled oysters, shrimp ceviche, hush puppies and two Cokes, all for $30 (tip included).

I am surprised that Frenchie's Italian did not make the cut.

Lastly, I would include the East Star ­Chinese Buffet at Nasa Road 1 and El Camino Real for the value. It's always busy, so the food on the buffet turns over quickly, and the service is fast and kid-friendly.

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