10th Annual Dragon Boat Festival

You won't be able to train these dragons

There's lots to see in and out of the water at the 10th Annual Dragon Boat Festival. The boats themselves are rather tame, just a small dragon head and a bit of a fiery tail at either end of a 40-foot-long Hong Kong-style boat carrying a crew of 22, including a drummer. The water will be filled with teams in colorful uniforms trying to take the title.

On land, lion dancers in vibrant, fur-trimmed costumes, drum teams and masked characters will take their turns at performing. A host of local newscasters will act as emcees, including Shern-Min Chow and Miya Shay. 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Allen's Landing, 1001 Commerce Street. For information, call 832-971-7524 or visit www.texasdragonboat.com. Free.
Sat., May 1, 2010

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