The Pope Problem

Readers respond to "The Man Who Sued the Pope."

Gimme a break: These quotes were taken out of context. You know, if you actually listened to someone like Savage, you might start to see the truth.


Breaking news: Richard Connelly's Glenn Beck quotes are not taken out of context. But even if they were, in what context would they be appropriate? The whole "taken out of context" thing is a typical flank by the Republican Party, which has now reduced itself to pandering to the ridiculously racist extremists.

And by extremists, I'm talking the Klan and the Aryans and the Minutemen who want to resurrect the Old South. And hey, lucky them, because now the Confederacy has an extra state — welcome, Arizona!

I, too, have watched a lot of Glenn Beck, enough to know what you apparently don't know. In the name of big business, he's pandering to whack jobs.

Glenn Beck's Magic Underwear


Last week's Nightfly ["In the Cards," by Shea Serrano, April 29] incorrectly reported that the Snowman Poker League's weekly night at Griff's (3416 Roseland) is Tuesdays. ­Snowman hosts nights at Sam's Boat (5720 Richmond) on Tuesdays and at Griff's on Wednesdays.

The Houston Press regrets the error.

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