Collision Course

Indie-pop charmers the Wild Moccasins tighten up and toughen up on their debut LP.

It's a layer-savvy record — there are a lot of tiny, subtle things, and there's a lot more we could have added than what there was. Just knowing how to communicate with each other and being able to tell that person, "This would be a good time to stop doing that, because right now it sounds great. You could add that extra keyboard part, but it's going to take away from something else."

HP: How do you keep from overanalyzing a song or a part, and just know when it's good the way it is?

Nick Cody: It takes that sixth person — John Griffin, who recorded it, saying the sound is pretty good.

Blood on the Highway: Wild Moccasins pre-tour.
Team Clermont PR
Blood on the Highway: Wild Moccasins pre-tour.

ZG: Or that no one else who's going to listen to this is going to hear this. It's gonna only be you.

AL: We kind of had a due date, so to speak, because we had a tour and we needed to have the CD finished so we wouldn't have to come back from tour and do it all over again. Plus it would be like 1:30 in the morning.

CS: We had a lot of late nights.

NC: It wasn't that hard, though. A lot of it came really quickly.

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