SUMMER GUIDE: (100) Days of Summer Movies

Enjoy the great indoors!

First off, forgive us for not having the budget to upgrade this summer movie preview to 3D. Rest assured, there are plenty of eye-popping (brain-numbing?) epics in the preview list that follows, but to our pleasure and surprise there is a surplus of attention-worthy 2D flicks too. Happy summer, movie fans. And this time we mean it. (As always, all dates are subject to change.)

May 27

Sex and the City 2

Manhattan columnist and shoe maven Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and friends (Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon) vacation in Abu Dhabi, land of cranky camels and hunky sheiks. Written and directed by Michael Patrick King.

May 28


In this new film from the gifted Spanish director Alejandro Amenábar (The Others, The Sea Inside), Rachel Weisz portrays Hypatia, the fourth-century Greek philosopher-astronomer whose death at the hands of a Christian mob was not pretty. Max Minghella is the slave who loves her.

Father of My Children

Inspired by the life and death of a French film producer who encouraged her early career, filmmaker Mia Hansen-Løve's fictional drama depicts the events leading up to the suicide of a beloved Parisian movie producer (Louis-Do de Lencquesaing), and his family's struggle to go on in the aftermath.


With a stray bullet forever lodged in his head, and lifelong grief in his heart over his father's death in a minefield, a former video store clerk (French comic Dany Boon) joins forces with seven strange and brilliant street artists to enact revenge on the world's two biggest arms manufacturers. A visually intricate comic fable from director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amélie).

Picasso & Braque Go to the Movies

Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque together created the art movement known as Cubism. In this documentary, art dealer turned filmmaker Arne Gilmer wonders: Could their perception-shattering work have been influenced by that newly invented fad known as the moving picture?

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

A longhaired, muscled-up Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a Persian prince trying to find a magical dagger in this action mega-pic from director Mike Newell and Pirates of the Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who never makes a movie he can't sequel-ize.

George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead

In his sixth film about flesh-eaters, horrormeister George Romero (Night of the Living Dead) sends his disgruntled band o' zombies to an island off Delaware where they shuffle into the gun sights of two feuding Irish families.

June 4

Get Him to the Greek

Jonah Hill plays a record company intern whose career-making assignment could be considered a music business rite of passage: Escorting a drug-addled rock star (British comic Russell Brand) to a big gig. From the director of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Nicholas Stoller.

John Rabe

John Rabe, a German businessman and Nazi Party member, is believed to have saved at least 200,000 Chinese laborers from sure death during the brutal Japanese occupation of Nanking in 1937. In writer-director Florian Gallenberger's epic re-creation, Ulrich Tukur stars as Rabe, and Steve Buscemi as Robert Wilson, the American surgeon who teamed with him.


Jen (Katherine Heigl) and Spencer (Ashton Kutcher) are blissful newlyweds until the day Jen discovers that her dream man was once a government assassin. The news does not thrill her. Catherine O'Hara co-stars in this action-comedy from Legally Blonde director Robert Luketic.

Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders

Filmmaker Mark Hopkins documents the experience of four doctors as they volunteer to work in the brutal war zones of Liberia and the Congo.


The lovable Great Dane that's been a fixture of the comic page since 1954 finally makes it to the big screen. Owen Wilson provides Marmaduke's voice in this live-action family film.


Maybe she's a mermaid, maybe she's not, but either way, the mysterious beauty Ondine (Alicja Bachleda) is quickly stealing the heart of the Irish fisherman who pulled her from the sea (Colin Farrell). Stephen Rea co-stars in the new drama from writer-director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game).

Perrier's Bounty

The talented Irish actor Cillian Murphy stars as a Dublin man with four hours to raise the money he owes a neighborhood kingpin (Brendan Gleeson). Jim Broadbent co-stars in this caper comedy from director Ian Fitzgibbon.


Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley are geneticists whose experiment in human cloning goes creepily awry in this thriller from director Vincenzo Natali and executive producer Guillermo del Toro.

Whiz Kids

Filmmaker Tom Shepard follows three brilliant high school students as they work, over the course of two years, to complete self-generated science projects for the Intel Science Talent Search, which comes with a $100,000 prize.

June 11

The A-Team

Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley and UFC champ Quinton "Rampage" Jackson are a disgraced special ops team out to clear their name in director Joe Carnahan's adaptation of the 1980s TV show [insert Mr. T joke here].

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky

In 1920s Paris, Coco Chanel (Anna Mouglalis) invites a penniless Igor Stravinsky (Mads Mikkelsen) to bring his wife and children to live in her famed Parisian villa, Bel Respiro. Soon, the great designer is seducing the great composer in this opulent drama from Dutch director Jan Kounen.

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