Bomb That Mosque!

KTRH host hopes for violence.

Spaced City

Residents of the semi-upscale Mandell part of Montrose went all street in their frustration with contractors blocking access to their homes, tagging a truck with a "Work harder" message. Galveston is off to a bang-up start tourist-wise, and might actually benefit from the BP oil spill. And while Texas drivers were determined to be dumb in a national survey, we provided our own test which they would pass with flying colors.

Political Animals

City Councilmember Wanda Adams broke down at a council meeting when defending herself against charges she had abandoned her Montrose constituents by avoiding a vote on a controversial home for HIV/AIDS patients. Rick Perry got PWNED by the Arizona governor when it comes to the Mexico border, and we had a collection of the strangest examples of people turning their cars into anti-Obama billboards.

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