Mayalino's Message

Readers respond to "Deporting All WetWacks."

Mayalino's Message

Online readers comment on "Deporting All WetWacks," by Rolando Rodriguez,May 27:

Garbage: Way to mark Hispanics with an even bigger X for having nothing better to talk about than "street cred" or drugs. Pathetic. The day your "homey" pays your mortgage, feeds your kids or takes care of your court fees will be the day hell freezes over. You're idolizing a garbage lifestyle. I grew up in Denver Harbor and Greenspoint. To say you're a "product of society" is complete crap and taking the easy way out, ­simply making an excuse for not attempting to progress. Way to go, gangsters and thugs.


Paint a picture: The hell is this guy talking about? Rap isn't your environment, nor is it a set of acquired or inherent values that predetermine where you will go or where you will be in life. At the end of the day, it's music: an expression of man's soul to the world. Pain is pain, no matter where in life you are. At the end of the day, I couldn't give a damn about your street cred. All I want to hear you do is paint that vivid picture.


Ridiculous riddles: Mayalino's wordplay is ridiculous and done in riddles for the average listener. This young man 'bout to turn the game inside out! If his parables don't fry ya brain first...

Zilla The Monster

Not screwed up: This guy isn't your traditional Houston rapper, and that's what I like about him. He's right about dudes who copy the S.U.C. They don't do DJ Screw any justice at all, especially the Latinos.


On-Air Bomb

Online readers comment on "KTRH's Michael Berry: Bomb That Ground Zero Mosque!" Hair Balls blog, by Richard Connelly,May 27:

Yep: That free speech thing is a bitch!


Irresponsible: My, my, how far KTRH has fallen. I used to listen to the news on my commute to work each morning. Obviously, no more. I am glad someone called Michael Berry on his bull. Whether you agree with the decision to build the mosque near Ground Zero or not, saying what Berry said is irresponsible. He's just one more guy on the radio who needs to learn the phrase "self-restraint."


Michael is right! And we have to stop this P.C. insanity. It is destroying our freedoms. And Michael didn't call for the bombing of anything; he just said he hopes that if that stupid mosque is built at Ground Zero, then it would be bombed. And it doesn't even exist, by the way.


Hmm: I'd like to know what the response would be if he had advocated the bombing of a particular church or a synagogue.


Free speech: It is his radio show, and he should be able to say anything he matter how stupid and ridiculous it is. That's called free speech and it is protected by our Constitution. On the subject of whether or not there should be a mosque, personally I feel that it would be a bad idea because it would be a sort of sacred site to the Muslim extremists, to come pray at the site where fellow extremist dickheads pulled off a cowardly act of terrorism. It's the same reason there is no grave for Hitler.


Limits to free speech: While it is Berry's show, the air waves it is transmitted on are ours — his company pays to use those airwaves. And as a country, we have agreed that there are in fact limits on free speech. ­Incitement to violence is one of those limitations. If Berry's statements are found to be just that, then he and his company will be penalized. That's just the way it works — by the rules.

I'm surprised that the station doesn't have some sort of insurance for exactly this type of situation. I mean, with Berry and Chris Baker on the air, it's got to be part of the risk of running the business.


That is it for me: I am a conservative Republican who happens to be a Muslim. I am so insulted by Berry's comments and I am going to make sure not to use any of his sponsors.


Berry sorry: He apologized and admitted it wasn't the right thing to say. He got caught up in the moment. Anybody that has listened to him knows he's not like that. But go ahead and chastise him over it if it makes you feel all self-righteous.


Note to Berry, et al: Muslims didn't destroy the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Terrorists did.


That's Our Idol

Online readers comment on "American Idol: That's All, Folks," Hair Balls blog, by Daniel Carlson, May 27:

Bad taste: America loves junk food, even on the television. Yes, many Americans have watched this crap program for many years. To me, it is a symptom of the country's larger problem, poor taste. And the cheesy ones always win. What is worse, people buy this crap! Let's recycle "has-been" music as well. Some people are just born tone-deaf, but they have an excuse, don't they?

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