Book 'em, Danno

Constables go after HISD students' unreturned books

"I am busty," Paula tells Hair Balls, "but, like, they don't even make [bras] in odd sizes, so I'm like, whoever it was, was an idiot."

She says that, although the ad was soon flagged, she e-mailed Craigslist's administrators, asking if she could find out who was behind the ad. Craigslist wouldn't reveal such information without a warrant, so Paula contacted the Katy Police Department.

But since it was a misdemeanor crime and the IP information would come out of California, Paula says, KPD did not believe it was worth pursuing.

"They wouldn't even ask the judge" for a warrant, she says. "I was like, 'Can you please ask the judge and have the judge say no?'"

She says she gave them the name of a girlfriend she recently had a fight with, and while the police called the girl, she of course said she was not the responsible party. And in the meantime, Paula kept getting calls and e-mails from dudes who wanted to get it on, as it were.

"They were gross," she says. "They were extremely persistent...I was still getting pictures of their ding-a-lings the next day...Trust me, I was doing everything I could to save my phone number, because I've had it for a while. And eventually, I just had to let it go."

So, let that be a lesson to you: Never have a falling out with a friend...unless you ­really are into anal and girl-on-girl action...


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