Police Problems

Readers respond to problems at HCC.

We have grown to 11 locations in the greater Houston area. We would not be here today if our customers didn't believe their meal experience wasn't a good value. Over the years, our employees have taken great pride in preparing food for and serving our customers. Virtually all our menu selections are prepared from full recipes. We cut, grind and patty Certified Angus Choice Chuck in each kitchen each morning for the burgers served that day. All our meats are cooked over wood coals. We don't even have freezers in our kitchens.

We strongly believe there is no such thing as "fooling" the public. If no one "got it" and no one enjoyed our food, we would not be here today. We also understand our reputation is based on our customers' most recent meal experience. Preparing top-quality food from scratch and cooking it to order is a constant challenge we are willing to accept.

Lastly, we appreciate and welcome your comments. Many of the improvements we have made over the years have been based on customer feedback.

Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for your business.

Mike Knapp, Becks Prime

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