Ripped Off by the Best

Famous plagiarizer strikes close to home

Oddly, Posner wound up hiring attorney Mark Lane — the grandaddy of JFK conspiracy theorists — to threaten Miami New Times with a lawsuit for "tortious interference." See, Miami New Times claimed to find more instances of plagiarism in Posner's book, and the paper had the audacity to bring these claims to Posner's publisher.

That doesn't sound like tortious interference to me, but unlike Lane and Posner, I'm not an attorney. What does sound like tortious interference is a guy who repeatedly rips off other people's work and passes it off as his own. It's kind of funny that these two lawyers are able to find tortious interference when it comes to Posner's book-sale royalties, but when it comes to tortious interference with the truth, they couldn't care less.

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Want to get a big, old heart-attack hamburger on your vanity license plate? Texas may give you the chance to do so. Want to go down on your wife, husband or significant other? The Texas GOP may stop you from doing so. Want to get food stamps in Texas? The state bureaucracy isn't very good at letting you do so, the feds say, and local legal-aid groups aren't the least surprised.


The LeBron Carnival began, but it won't come within miles of Houston; the Astros finally brought up some young guys from the farm system to replace the aging, hapless crew that's been stumbling about; and, oh, the USA lost in the World Cup.

Courts and Whatever

Look out, Border Patrol: Relatives of the 15-year-old who was shot on the Mexican side of the border have hired a Houston personal-injury attorney to represent them, and you know how mad-dog those guys are. A Galveston driver learned not to mess with the Ten Commandments, because the 11th is "Thou shalt not runneth thy car into a Ten Commandments monument." A Houston lawyer filed a class-action suit against Apple over its iPhone 4g antenna-fix "scam," and a conviction reveals the worst bank coworker ever.

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