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An NBA-loving jumpoff girl crosses the etiquette line and gets blogged BIG time.

Ross apparently found the 6'7" Davis appealing, and the two began an affair that neither was particularly good at keeping secret.

Ross's proximity to rappers and ballers, combined with her seeming confidence online, made her the perfect target for the Lipstick Alley women, who like to wax philosophical about the racial components of the jumpoff universe. In a thread titled "The Black Jumpoff/Groupie," one member wrote "The black jumpoff has seemed to fade to the black, or the most famous jump offs are just white. Therefore the black jump offs fly under the radar. White women seem to have the jump off field on lock, especially in the NFL."

Which sounded good to at least one member, who wrote, "If the days of the Black side bitch/jumpoff are over, then praise the LAWD."

L.A. Clippers player Ricky Davis married Vanessa Ramirez, who launched her own attack on Sakara Ross.
Judy Eddy/WENN
L.A. Clippers player Ricky Davis married Vanessa Ramirez, who launched her own attack on Sakara Ross.
Vanessa Ramirez Davis made one appearance on the TV reality show Basketball Wives.
Nastassia Artalejo
Vanessa Ramirez Davis made one appearance on the TV reality show Basketball Wives.

But is that so? One member suggested that "black women know how to keep their mouths shut and you will never see them on TV or writing books about their lives."

Another wrote, "I don't think there is a shortage of BW out there dick-­tricking for dollars. It might be that we are reading about Becky's more."

Still another wrote, "The black bitches nowadays have completely ruined the game as we know it. They give up the ass for a trip to the mall, then they start to run their mouths about it before they even had a chance to bank some cash. They fuck d-listers so the chances of them getting hush money is slim to none."

One poster also longed for the good old days, when a ho knew how to be a ho.

"Hoes like Sakara slay me. The internet has flukked up the game for 'good' hoes, the ones that get a few coins, trips, clothes and don't head towards a keyboard to floss. I'm not condoning being a hoe and I pity the hoe that thinks she gone even attempt to invade my world, but damn, back in the day a hoe would get in and GET OUT."

With her prolific online presence, Ross practically willed herself into this environment, inviting the vultures to circle overhead. And when Vanessa Davis found out about Ross, the acrimony made perfect fodder for Lipstick Alley. Davis laid out the timeline and ensuing correspondence between her and Ross in her detailed letter to Judge Gomez:

"Sakara Ross is not a victim," Davis wrote. "She allows her life to be accessed by the public. She is suffering from the repercussions that her own actions have caused to her reputation. ...She conducts her personal life in the eyes of the public. Her personal choice to date professional athletes has created the stigma. This lawsuit for defamation has no merit."

Davis may not be the typical basketball wife, in that she is in a nursing program in her hometown of El Paso. But she's had to endure the typical slings and arrows — besides the Ross drama, she's being sued by another basketball wife, Evelyn Lozada, who accused Davis of hacking into her e-mail account, posting her nude pics online and calling her a "high-end prostitute" and "hoe-ass" on Lipstick Alley. Lozada claims in the suit, filed in a Miami court, that Davis was angry at Lozada over not being cast in the second season of Basketball Wives. (Davis made one appearance in the first season, especially memorable for the moment when a gum-chomping Lozada calls Davis a "messy bitch" and throws two cups of water in her face. Davis believes Lozada is behind the Twitter page "Horsefacenessa," which features a photo of Davis with a superimposed horse's head. Sample tweet: "I'm hungry. Going to take a walk in the meadows and eat some hay. NEEEEEIIIIGH.")

In Davis's letter to Judge Gomez, she implies that Ross was inviting, or should have reasonably expected, online scrutiny when Ross posted a MySpace photo of her wearing the red dress paid for by Ricky Davis. (The caption in that pic reads "Boy that dress fits like a glove!").

Davis writes, "I also have phone message conversations with the Plaintiff where she admits to having unprotected sex and asks my husband to pay for her doctors visit to get tested. My fiancé never responded, nor did he ever send her money....Note: I kept the phone in case this goes further."

But the most inflammatory evidence is found in the e-mails Davis included with the letter, starting with her opening salvo to Ross. (The e-mails are presented here as written, except for the words in brackets.)

"I flew to Chicago with [Ricky] to see his grandma this past week and it's funny cause I was with him when you sent a picture text. I asked him who's phone and who you were. He said he had hooked up with you but that you were just a video girl, some groupie. I said okay, let me see you text her that you have a wife since she is just this groupie...Needless to say, he threw the phone out the window and said that phone was a piece of shit! And he changed the number the next day, he has no idea I know. I thought, wow, my [man] will do whatever it takes to make a lie sound so good..."

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