Trash Talk

An NBA-loving jumpoff girl crosses the etiquette line and gets blogged BIG time.

Moreover, she says, "I like their Web site. I think it's funny...For its purpose, which is entertainment, I think it's an awesome Web site. I think that, you know, people just take it too seriously."

As expected, Davis's letter to the judge wound up on Lipstick Alley, giving more chum to the sharks. Some members applauded Davis for directly confronting her husband's side-ho; some called Davis pathetic and insecure for even going through the trouble; a few rushed to Ross's defense and accused all her haters of being jealous. The ones who really stuck out were the rare members who questioned why Davis seemed more upset at Ross than at her cheating fiancé.

"The winner in this situation is the guy involved because he's sitting back watching two females go at it in honor of his name," a member named Ms. Devine wrote. "Men always win in these types of situations, that's why I shake my head at stuff like this."
Lipstick Alley's administrator, the elusive "Condi," didn't reply to interview requests. perhaps because she values her privacy and would hate to have potentially critical matter printed about her. Her site is not only listed in Ross's lawsuit, but figures in a lawsuit filed by Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard against his baby mama, who is accused of posting disparaging comments about him on Lipstick Alley. Attorneys in that case are trying to find "Condi" as well.

Sakara Ross maintains her own Web site...
Photos courtesy of
Sakara Ross maintains her own Web site...
...showing herself off to her best advantage.
Photos courtesy of
...showing herself off to her best advantage.

Meanwhile, as her suit languishes in Harris County District Court, Ross appears to have moved on, tweeting positively about Dad, church, friends, trips to the spa and a boyfriend whom some have identified as a player for the Philadelphia Eagles. She seems to be in good spirits, concerned more with acting, modeling and track; nothing about the Lipstick Alley suit appears on her Twitter. A recent tweet draws from Lil Wayne, whose video helped bring her into Ballerland: "Steppin out the motherfuckin car they in awe, I'm lookin like a star bitch, when you see me make a wish....


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