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Popular lesbian bar Chances is done.

Number two, students say the sole student on the Shared Decision Making Committee was a senior who was out of there after this year and will never have to meet the new standards. And they say there was a lot of committee pressure on that student.

Number three, the students say that several of the families at the Title I school don't have the money to pay PTA dues and thus were kept out of the discussion.

And before anyone wants to label these kids pointy-headed commie radicals, a lot of their argument has to do with the American Free Enterprise System.

"The new DeBakey Uniform policy restricts what colors students can wear. I agree with the school that there should be a uniform policy, because wearing anything to school can be distracting. However, this new policy not only restricts our choices of uniforms, but only the PTA is allowed to distribute the new DeBakey logo; therefore, there is no competitive pricing. The PTA basically has a monopoly in selling the new DeBakey uniforms, and they can price them unfairly," says rising senior Linda Asiamah.

Another student, rising senior Eric Kao, asks why the PTA couldn't just "sell DeBakey logo patches for students to iron on to their polos or require students to wear strictly defined colors such as solely white or navy blue so that there would be no discrepancy over the permissible color. In addition, the PTA could fund-raise using other methods such as a carwash instead of forcefully seizing profits off of low-income students and their families."

He goes on to say: "It simply defies logic to require students to purchase expensive, low-quality polos when the polos can be purchased for a much [more] economical price through other vendors or commercial stores. In the current state of our economy, many families do not have the capability to spend excessively; most students wear their middle school uniforms or polos that they wore in previous years, but now that this new uniform policy is being enforced, families will have to dig deeper into their pockets just to accommodate these requirements. Upcoming seniors, in particular, will suffer the most — they will be required to purchase several costly polos that they will only wear for the short duration of ten months."

The students all say they hope a compromise can be worked out.

"We're trying to focus on a solution," Ansari says. "The purpose of a uniform shouldn't be to try to get more kids into detention. If you can find a navy shirt elsewhere, it shouldn't matter that it doesn't have a DeBakey logo on it. Maybe the school could make exceptions for low-income families."

"We're not against the PTA making money," Ansari says.

It seems these kids have embraced their classes in the American system of government, economics and debate.


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The Aeros got a new coach; the Astros got a new batting coach (Jeff Bagwell, he of the strange hitting stance); George Steinbrenner died; the Astros had a gay event (kinda) at Minute Maid and the world didn't fall apart. Oh, and some guy named LeBone or LaBorn or something like that made a choice about where he preferred to work. It wasn't Houston.

Spaced City

Houston got obsessed with the stinky "corpse flower" in the Museum of Natural Science, which had a rare bloom. The waiting was the hard part, and it went on all week. The Houston woman who was in ­plastic-surgery pursuit of the world's biggest boobs ran into health problems, and Glenn Beck made lunatic claims about a media conspiracy involving a Houston bombing.


The world's dumbest child pornographer got 20 years. Next time, don't pass out drunk on the road in a car filled with your sick handiwork, dude. Also on the dumb-criminal list: A man arrested in League City used the jail phone to impersonate a cop to a towing company. They listen in to those calls, bro. And the "XXXL Bandit" robbed a bank and got away — on foot. Ferocious security there, fellas.

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