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There is a ton of new stuff each day on the Houston Press blogs; you’re only getting a taste of it here in the print edition. Head to http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs (or “/rocks” or “/eating”) and under “Tools” on the top-right side of the page, use the “categories” drop-down menu to find these stories:

Art Attack

We talked with James Black, longtime Alley Theatre actor and director of the company's provocative season opener A Behanding in Spokane by In Bruges writer-director Martin McDonagh. Actor Andrew Weems, who plays the grab-challenged main character, admitted he often utilizes deprivation in the roles he accepts. The Angelika Film Center suddenly closed, leaving frustrated moviegoers searching for answers, as well as speculation and debate on the state of indie/alternative art in Houston.

We ran some disturbing images of a woman wearing a smoked-salmon mask and a car with a mustache as we ticked down five of the most bizarre cultural trends of the summer.

And Henry Winkler sat down for a frank interview about his charity passion and his indelible pop-culture status.


Football season finally arrived, as college play opened and the Texans beat the Cowboys in a preseason game (we'll take it.) Analysis abounded. A list of the five most overrated Houston athletes brought out the Craig Biggio and Nolan Ryan defenders. And we had a slideshow for the opening of perennial powerhouse Katy High's season, which was as big an event as ever.


We had ten sex offenders who really do look like sex offenders, based on their mugshots; in a more difficult task, we asked readers to match the mugshot with the crime of ten recently incarcerated locals. A DPS trooper got caught selling driver's licenses to illegal aliens, and a Catholic priest got caught...no, not at that. Instead, it was for (somehow) threatening to blow up Aflac over customer service. Not amused: God, and annoying ducks.

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