If Nothing Else Matters

Peel Gallery shows sculptures of luxury brands.

Downstairs at Wade Wilson Art, "Dante Marioni: Recent Glass Works" offers up some pretty great glass vessels. Unlike glass celebrity Dale Chihuly — who makes interesting sculpture if your point of departure is a salad bowl, but really mediocre work in the context of contemporary sculpture — Marioni focuses on making gorgeous vessels that don't try to pretend to be something they aren't. His black, red-trimmed vases have an ancient Greece vibe to them and are as slender as stilettos. The same strong colors appear in Marioni's Red in Black Vessel Display (2007). A three-shelf black display box is filled with ruby-red vases sporting curving handles, arcing arms and ball-like appendages. It's a visually stunning piece, and the vessels read like a cast of animated characters.

At Peel Gallery, Libby Black shows her sculptures of ­luxury products.
At Peel Gallery, Libby Black shows her sculptures of ­luxury products.


"Joe Mancuso: Trace"
Through October 9. Barbara Davis Gallery, 4411 Montrose, 713-520-9200.

"Libby Black: If Nothing Else Matters"
Through October 16. Peel Gallery, 4411 Montrose, 713-520-8122.

"Harvey Bott: Paradigms in Paint and Wire"
Through October 9. Anya Tish Gallery, 4411 Montrose, 713-524-2299.

"Dante Marioni: Recent Glass Works" 
Through October 22. Wade Wilson Art, 4411 Montrose, 713-521-2977.

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Whoever 4411's new owners turn out to be, they might want to consider letting the galleries pay their rent in art. They'd end up with some pretty nice stuff.

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