Salvadoran American Cultural Day

We think the festival's title lost something in translation - like an extra day

We're not sure why the two-day festival celebrating the arts of El Salvador is called The Salvadoran American Cultural Day, but we're willing to overlook that grammatical glitch, given the festivities, which include an abundance of music, art, film and literature. Singers Felix and Alma Lopez will provide folkloric songs, while artists Marco Antonio Lima and Hugo de la O, among others, will have paintings and other works on display. Academy Award-winning filmmaker André Guttfreund, who took home a top prize from the Los Angeles Festival last year, will lead screenings and workshops, and the cultural offerings continue with readings by authors Manlio Argueta, Mario Bencastro and Andre Cruchaga. (Maybe one of them could help them correct the festival's title.) 2 to 6 p.m. Saturday, noon to 6 p.m. Sunday. Alief Community Center, 11903 Bellaire. For information, contact Free.
Oct. 16-17, 2010
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