Loud Is the Night

San Antonio's Hacienda blossoms under a Black Key's patronage.

Auerbach, who says the band is probably ready for a different producer, marvels at their musical ability: "To be so young, they're all great players, and that lets them do things that would come very hard to lots of musicians."

One possible producer for the next album, which Schwebel says Hacienda plans to start working on shortly after Thursday's Houston gig, is White Stripes engineer Jim Diamond. The band, which is currently completing a home studio in Boerne, has already done some sessions at Diamond's Ghetto Recorders in Detroit.

Diamond, who worked on the Stripes' first two albums, is a huge fan.

Hacienda knows South Texas food, ­garage-rock.
West Vita
Hacienda knows South Texas food, ­garage-rock.

"I love their musicianship, the ability to blend some rock, some soul, some Tex-Mex à la Augie Meyers and Doug Sahm or classic Sunny and the Sunliners," he says. "They do all of those so well. I'd like to explore the soul/Tex-Mex vibe a bit more."

Schwebel says one of the benefits of touring with Auerbach has been the exposure to other studios, producers and engineers. "We were just in Nashville checking out Adam Landry's Playground Sound, and that's a great facility. We're big fans of Pete Molinari, and he's recorded there.

"You pick up something in ­every studio­," says Schwebel, "what to do and, a lot of times, what not to do."

The guitarist also notes that with Hacienda's building buzz, labels are calling frequently.

"I don't know how many times we've been wooed, but lots of offers just don't make sense for us," he says. "Most of the people who've approached us are of the attitude [that] 'We're gonna make you big, so we need to own everything.'

"We want to work with a label, not for a label."

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