Loko Oh No

Testing the new fad drink

After waking up at nine or so, I could not sleep until almost 6 a.m this morning. I stayed up dizzy and partially drunk, watching old cartoons like She-Ra and He-Man, and a few episodes of The Cosby Show with my eyes glazed over. Sleep was not an option.

I will say now that this stuff should not be taken off the market. At the least it should have its alcohol content taken down from the husky 12 percent it is now. That's not me begging for more Loko, that's just me being a realist. I can see folks having fun with this stuff, just like the Sparks craze a few years back. When the Sparks people downgraded their recipe, there were not so many problems and uproars after.

Oh, and sorry for sharing so much of my personal life, I tend to turn into Taylor Swift when I get drunk. My friends on Twitter definitely got an afternoon matinee for their drive time commute. As for the Limp Bizkit love, that's all on me. Keep on rolling, baby.


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Art Attack

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