Reckless In Reckless, an early, dreamy work by Craig Lucas (Prelude to a Kiss, Light in the Piazza), identity is fluid. Deliriously happy Rachel (Kim Tobin) adores Christmas, but her husband (Zach Bruton) suddenly blurts out that he's taken a contract out on her life. She runs away, and her new life begins. In short, hallucinogenic scenes we meet her saving angel, Lloyd (Kregg Dailey), his deaf wife Pooty (Susan Draper) and six doctors who wish to cure her (Candice Meade plays all of them). Under the adroit direction by Philip Lehl, this production glows, as do Kevin Holden's sophisticated set design and Clint Allen's projections (highways or snowy static). More glowing is Tobin's Rachel, giddy as PeeWee Herman, who never loses that spark of grace that ultimately redeems her. Through December 19. Brave Dog Theatre Company, 1703D-1 Post Oak Blvd., 832-866-6514. — DLG

Santaland Diaries Nothing is sacred to monologist/essayist David Sedaris as he gives Christmas a solid kick in the ass, memorializing his temp days as Crumpet the Elf at Macy's department store in Santaland Diaries. Toyland is hell, parents are worse and children should be killed. Nothing is as funny as Todd Waite in his degrading, ersatz velvet costume, unless it's Paul Hope in his. To be peed on by rotten little monsters is humiliating, but to be chewed up and spit out by rampant consumerism in the name of Christ while wearing pointed shoes is downright hilarious. Through December 31. Alley Theatre, 615 Texas, 713-228-8421. — DLG

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