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"Four Loko Madness on Rice Campus: EMS Calls Jump, Friends Left Abandoned," Hair Balls blog, by Richard Connelly, December 3:

Question: Is this what causes Rice students to strip naked and run around the campus covered with shaving cream before stopping by Valhalla for a quick plastic cup of Shiner? Oh, wait, they were doing that 25 years before Four Loko hit the market.


Crackdown: A recent Thresher opinion piece probably explains why so many people wind up abandoned: While in the past, students believed it was safe to remain with sick friends until help arrived, RUPD crackdowns have left them scared of being arrested. This encourages them to leave before anyone shows up, lest they wind up with a record. Even though RUPD hasn't in the past done so, and they claim to continue that policy, it sounds like they have lost the trust of the student body. Not good...


No barfer left behind: Seriously...if your friend is too drunk to take care of himself, you should make sure he makes it to a safe place. If your friend wakes up the next day and finds out he was abandoned and then subsequently arrested/hospitalized/molested/shat on by birds, he might not blame you, but I don't think he is going to consider you a friend anymore.


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