Hatchet Job

Activist Ray Hill responds to "Montrose Murder."

Ray: Sweetie, you're tired. All the nonsense you spew about Buice being "reformed," while great for publicity, is actually destroying any credibility you may have ever had. I guess bad publicity is better than no publicity, huh, Ray?


Up in Smoke

Online readers comment on "One Last Hit of K-2," by John Nova Lomax, December 2:

Great and timely story, John: I share your concerns about the dangers of K-2's unknown quality, and my teenage son experimenting with its myriad incarnations. Seems like a good argument for legalization and regulation. As long as there is demand, all sorts of highs will be brought to market, with no oversight of the ingredients and potential hazards. Legalize, regulate, propagandize against the use, and treat the abusers. Reaping the revenue is just (badly needed) gravy.

Mach Schnell

Know what you're smoking: I highly doubt they will be able to regulate this by banning merely a few blends and certain chemicals. People can get this if they really want to, especially in the digital age, where everything is a keyword search away. I've never smoked it, as I'm a dedicated weed smoker, but I had lunch with a friend of mine about two months ago before he took a job in Louisiana and he had just smoked a joint of Serenity. He walked into the restaurant with his glasses on, but when he took them off his eyes were glazed to hell, and bloodshot red. He looked like shit, but I could tell he was stoned off his ass.

The only reason I'm against this is because nothing's really known about it. If you wanna get high, more power to you, but don't jeopardize yourself. Hopefully we all see the day where weed becomes legal so folks can enjoy a genuine high with no side effects. Gimmicky shit like K-2 needs to go — not knowing what you're smoking is never a good thing.


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