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Readers discuss "The Whipping Boy."

If the reader does not understand any of the above points, I apologize. You can choose to think that the patrons are whining over spilled milk. It is your right to disagree...as it is my right to be offended by the actions management chose to take.

Kim H

I don't understand: The party planners said that they met with the bar five times before the event, and that they communicated that to the bar, that they thought that up to 200 people would be there. The flyer seems entirely consistent with that story. It's only inconsistent with the bar's story. I obviously don't know what the planners told the bar, but unless Ray Odom was lying, then it's hard to see how both sides are at fault here.


Deal with it: I mean, they are just trying to stay in business. Here is the real-world rule to deal with: Fancy, chic bars attract pretty white girls; pretty white girls attract white men with cash to blow; bar makes money! Black dudes show up; scare away white girls; white guys go elsewhere; bar shuts down! Boom!


Point to ponder: I have heard from a club promoter/owner based predominantly in Scotts­dale that once the clientele of a club like this gets to be more than 8 percent African-­American, it either goes mostly black or it dies.

All these clubs are racist because their clientele is racist. The guy is in business to make money. Maybe we should be examining why white people don't seem to want to mix in the same club as blacks instead of crucifying a club owner for trying to protect his bottom line.


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@BlackPantherYou really want to know why I don't like to socialize with blacks at clubs? I don't like black music. I don't like listening to rude, foul-mouthed blacks using the N-word and motherf*****. I don't like how black men leer at my beautiful wife. I don't like how blacks smell. They tend to wear too much body fragrance and put weird stuff in their hair. Also, crime statistics show that blacks on average are more violent and personally aggressive than whites. In fact, blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery. One way I protect myself is to avoid black parts of town, black clubs, and black people. Don't like my attitude? Don't hang out with me. I don't really care if you or anybody else calls me a "racist," but I think it is technically incorrect as I do not seek to oppress or rule other other races. I am a racially-conscious white person proud of my European heritage, and at the end of the day I just want to unwind with my own kind.


What's all this crap about gypsies? Nobody is getting offended by the word "jipped", don't hide the article under a page of hurt-feelings rants.

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