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Hostel Environment

Online readers respond to "The Lowdown on the Lovett Inn Becoming a Hostel," Hair Balls blog, by Richard Connelly, January 26:

Great: All we need is more punk kids like the ones from Interfaith Ministries and Covenant House on our street. They wander around during the day with no jobs and looking to cause problems. Just take a peek in the alley during the day and at night behind this place and notice the kids selling/doing drugs. It is not a good thing — such a beautiful boulevard being filled with troublemakers.


No crime worries: Hostelling International hostels are generally used by individual budget travelers and scout/church groups. With annual stay limits of five to ten days, and credit card reservations, I don't think it will be adding much to the neighborhood crime stats unless you Houstonians roll the visitors for their Euros and run.


Hostel love: Hostels are wonderful additions to communities! I'm not sure if any of you have ever stayed in one, but they are great places for travelers to stay while experiencing the neighborhood as well as to meet other amazing Americans who love the city.

This is nothing like the Covenant House as described by other commenters here.


More outreach: As a longtime resident of Lovett Boulevard, I would like to comment on HI's outreach to my community. I first heard of the proposed hostel by receiving a notice from the city two days ago about a parking variance request. Since then I have talked to my neighbors on this residential street, and none of us were aware of HI's plans to join our community. To read in the Houston Press that the charming, upscale Lovett Inn would become a 50-bed hostel was startling, to say the least.

Lovett Boulevard resident

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