Behind That Door

Readers share stories of barroom discrimination.

I make it a habit to avoid places that use gimmicks to force New Orleans down your throat. If you are eating at a place and, without any props around or not-so-clever menu listings, you say to yourself, "Hey, this sorta reminds me of NOLA," then that place has done it right. The secret to great New Orleans cuisine is to let the food be the star. I have never gone back to a restaurant because the ambience made my belly happy.

Chef 504

Disappointed: After eating at this place three times, I have to say, I'll probably never go back. The menu items are described in mouthwatering fashion, which made me return to try a variety of things, but each time was a disappointment.

The eight or nine potato chips you get with a $12 sandwich tasted like burnt grease. The lamb sausage sandwich tasted pretty good. The croque monsieur hush puppies were fairly tasty, but way overpriced for a paltry four or five bites. The thing that kills me about this place is that they're called Zimm's Little Deck. There is no deck to be found!

The patio suffers from a bland gravel expanse for a pétanque court with no greenery or vegetation. It really should be filled with potted plants and palms to hide the noisy Richmond speedway with cars flying down the road at 40 miles per hour. How pretentious to think that people who just dropped loads of cash to eat and drink are going to play some obscure European park game three feet from a busy, noisy road. Hire a landscape professional and make it a lush patio.



"Come and Bake It" by Robb Walsh [February 10] repeated disparaging remarks about home bakeries that were incorrectly attributed to Lauren Kitchens of Fancy Cakes by Lauren in Dallas. Kitchens says she has always been a supporter of home bakeries.

The Houston Press regrets the error.

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