Where to Get Your Caffeine Fix

The Top Ten Coffeehouses in Houston

The opening of a spate of new coffee shops in town — Black Hole Cafe, Bungalow and Crema Espresso Stand, just to name a few — has inspired us to take a closer look at the existing, well-established coffeehouses in Houston. These are the ones that have been serving straight Americanos and lavish lattes for years, the ones that you know almost as intimately as your own living room.

We considered the three most important determining factors in any coffeehouse: quality of product, atmosphere (the physical feel of the space) and vibe (the emotional connection — do you feel welcome there?). Wi-Fi, however, was not taken into consideration: Houston's coffee shops are not your home offices, after all.

Although many shops were strong contenders — Taft Street, Fioza and Phoenicia Coffee House are the top three "honorable mention" spots — these are our Top Ten Coffee Shops in Houston, first published on our food blog, Eating Our Words.

Enjoy your espresso at Bohemeo's with some live music on the patio.
Troy Fields
Enjoy your espresso at Bohemeo's with some live music on the patio.
One of the finest lattes in town comes from a drive-through at El Rey.
Amber Ambrose
One of the finest lattes in town comes from a drive-through at El Rey.

Location Info


Khon's Wine Darts Coffee Art

2808 Milam
Houston, TX 77006

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Montrose


708 Telephone Road
Houston, TX 77023

Category: Coffee Shops

Region: East End

Antidote Coffee

729 Studewood
Houston, TX 77007

Category: Coffee Shops

Region: Heights


1712 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77098

Category: Bars and Clubs

Region: Lower Shepherd-Kirby


1953 Montrose
Houston, TX 77006

Category: Restaurant > Coffeehouse

Region: Montrose

El Rey Taqueria

233 Main
Houston, TX 77002

Category: Restaurant > Cuban

Region: Downtown/ Midtown

El Rey Taqueria

3330 Ella Blvd.
Houston, TX 77018

Category: Restaurant > Cuban

Region: Outer Loop - NE

El Rey Taqueria

9742 Katy Freeway
Houston, TX 77055

Category: Restaurant > Cuban

Region: Outer Loop - NW

Catalina Coffee

2201 Washington
Houston, TX 77007

Category: Coffee Shops

Region: Heights

10. Dirk's

4005 Montrose, 713-526-1319

Even the basic drip coffee at Dirk's — formerly Diedrich Coffee — is good. But the service doesn't match the drinks here, and can be downright cold if you don't fit the neighborhood demographic. Solution: I always get my coffee to go from Dirk's and enjoy it at home, or take it out on the patio during nicer weather and take in the view into the Museum District from Montrose.

9. River Oaks Coffee House

3601 Westheimer, 713-621-0226

An overlooked little spot just to the west of the giant St. Luke's United Methodist Church in River Oaks (as the name would imply), River Oaks Coffee House has almost the exact opposite situation as Dirk's: While the coffee here is only so-so, the service is always fabulous. Expect a warm welcome and a quiet spot to relax, but don't expect a perfectly pulled latte and you'll be fine. Bonus: A lack of high schoolers since nearby Lamar replaced its library with a coffee shop. (Only half-kidding here.)

8. Khon's

2808 Milam, 713-523-7775

A slice of heaven for anyone homesick for the Big Easy, Khon's is a familiar spot for Louisiana expats craving Abita beer and chicory coffee. That's right — Khon's serves booze, too, which instantly bumps it up in my book. Add to that stellar service from owners Khon and Ashley Lu as well as their staff of eager bartenders and baristas, and you have a coffeehouse that's as cozy as your own kitchen. It's also an ideal stop for downtown commuters heading out after work.

7. Bohemeo's

708 Telephone Rd., 713-923-4277

The only thing I don't like about Bohemeo's is that it's not in my immediate neighborhood. Lucky East Enders and U of H students are, however, in close proximity to this little jewel. I'm a sucker for a pourover here along with a sweet potato bar, especially on nights when there's live music on the patio and a breeze. Those who crave sweeter drinks will love Bohemeo's mochaccino, a grown-up version of the old Starbucks favorite (don't act like you didn't love it at one time, too).

6. Antidote Coffee

729 Studewood, 713-861-7400

Of all the Heights-area coffee shops (Octane, Waldo's, Cricket's Creamery, etc.), Antidote gets it right most often, with a vibe that's classic "coffeehouse" — you can absolutely lose yourself in a book or study materials here — that very rarely veers into pretentious territory. And their cajeta lattes can't be beat, although regular drip coffee is often brewed far too intensely to be palatable.

5. Agora

1712 Westheimer,


Although the phoenix that was briefly painted on the side of Agora's building is now gone, people will likely remember the coffeehouse's rise from the proverbial ashes for years. And it's back better than ever, including a partnership with Eatsie Boys that sees the popular food truck parked outside for lunch most days. Unfortunately, you can no longer smoke upstairs, but the excellent Greek coffee and pastries remain intact.

4. Inversion

1953 Montrose,


Inversion aggravates me on several levels: The aforementioned Wi-Fi hogs who also hog all the tables and parking spaces and the shitty attitudes of many of the baristas. If the coffee weren't so good, I wouldn't keep going. No one in town makes a better cortado. No one. Their lattes are hard to beat, too, and the foam is always skillfully decorated. It helps to go on days when the friendly baristas are on the floor and sit outside on the small patio, which now has electrical outlets if you've got your laptop in tow. And, like Agora, they host food trucks each day during lunch.

3. El Rey Taqueria

Multiple locations

What? A fast-food taqueria in the number three spot? I'm not being contrarian, folks, I promise you. This is the stuff I crave when I think of a fabulous latte, the stuff I'll gladly endure a long wait for on weekends, the stuff that keeps me coming back to the frustratingly busy corner of Shepherd and Washington week in and week out. I still haven't figured out El Rey's secret, but the little Mexi-Cuban joint churns out one incredible latte after another every single day — and every one tastes as good as the last. You have to admire the consistency, even if this isn't your typical "coffeehouse." But tell that to the folks who congregate here on the weekends, newspapers in hand, to sip their lattes — pulled by little Hispanic women with bemused smiles who act like this talent is the least interesting thing in the world — and watch the day go by.

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I couldn't agree more. Ms. Shilcutt, you are usually quite acute, but you have a serious blind spot as regards Inversion. I have rarely ever seen snottier, more charmless cretins masquerading as 'baristas', nor a more arsehole clientele; they utterly deserve each other, but no civilized human in her right mind would set foot in this temple to rudeness.


Inversion? Katherine, with all due respect, you have GOT to be kidding us. I'll let the Wi-Fi Hog elitist crap slide (which makes you snooty right on the surface & a lowlife or you're overt worship of Robb Walsh) & I'll go right to the core. First you might want to look at the ownership of these places before you write. You want to know why the attitude of Inversion's baristas is crap? Look at the management/owners, I've worked in the restaurant business & crap attitude in any shop will pretty much lead right at the door of management/ownership. Inversion's ownership conists of former Starbuck's execs who have long had a shit reputation for treating their staff badly. You might want to remember this is the coffee shop that had its staff quit em masse a few years ago when a popular manager was fired.

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Thanks for the shout out to El Rey. LOVE their cappuccinos-- they manage to balance a lovely espresso with properly steamed and foamed milk, unlike some big chains that regularly serve me big expensive cups of ick. And you're right-- they think nothing of pouring a perfect cup. Have a cap with an order of flan and I'm in cheap food heaven.

Sylvia Gadbois
Sylvia Gadbois

I still love Starbucks and you don't even mention one of them. SEGW