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Readers weigh in on "The Great Heights Art Heist."


Playlist for the Win

Online readers comment on "Charlie Sheen: A Playlist Full of Winning," Rocks Off blog, by Craig Hlavaty, March 3:

Shut up, Sheen: Not sure if I'm necessarily jealous because I wish I could live life his way. It's more (for me) that he's a habitual liar that's pulled out all the stops in attempting to impress people. Come on, he's not clean. He's living with a couple of ugly whores and he looks like ass and probably smells like it.

I live with my mouth open and say what I'm thinking at all times. The difference is, my kids' dad isn't in rehab for crack, and I'm not a crackhead myself — or famous. Sheen (like most actors) needs to just shut up, fight his fight and not speak publicly without a script. Ever.

Awesome song list. Love it! Now, where can I find some fake blow and hoes to host my Charlie Sheen-themed party?! I already gots the music!


Misogynistic Hollywood: Sheen has continued to work and be celebrated, and it wasn't until he broke the Hollywood code and openly complained about his executive producer that the show got shut down. If Sheen had cleaned up, he'd probably still have a job to go back to and the show would start production again, no questions asked. If a female celebrity did a third of what Sheen did, she'd be fired, deemed uninsurable and replaced faster than a screen door in a hurricane. That's not even taking into account Sheen's disgusting behavior towards women. Welcome to misogynistic Hollywood!

That said, kick-ass song list.


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Claire Richards
Claire Richards

FYI: Only 4 of many artists took H gallery to court in this case. H gallery lost and the judgment was for over 100K just for those artists alone.


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